About Us


We apply user-centric and user-driven business model.

We focus on the necessity and urgency of addressing public health issues that affect our society every day implicitly and explicitly.

We encourage our stakeholders to rethink and realign their approaches to produce better health outcomes.


To improve quality of life through public health literacy.


To advance individual knowledge of public health through the exchange of information at the regional and community level.

To facilitate collective effort by public and health professionals to meet population health demands.

To inform the impact of built environment on health.

To disseminate the role of socioeconomic determinants in individual health.

To promote disease prevention and life style modification through awareness.


Welcome all to contribute for welfare of individual and community health.

Honor all opinions and suggestions in the pursuit of better health outcomes.

Invite all to share their experience that call for attention, advice, and intervention.

Connect all disciplines, issues, projects, and people to create a new paradigm that can transform the health of our communities.